About debris

Debris poster thumbnail

We’re right in the middle of production and have lots of things to show off in the coming months (including more concept art like the one above!). We’re targeting late 2017 for release, so expect some more communication in the near future.

As for a quick background of the game, back in 2015 we had an opportunity that would dramatically change our studio. Dr. Suzanne Archie met with us to discuss potential collaborations in interactive media. Out of that initial meeting came a 40+ page Debris proposal which we submitted to the CMF Experimental stream. Months came and went before we received news that our proposal was accepted.

Ever since the idea started forming, we’ve approached the project with wide-eyed optimism. Building off the core belief that we can appeal to the mass market while delivering a message about mental health, we’ve taken several extra tangents that will help make the most of the amazing opportunity we’ve been given. Tangents like having translucent ice being the main environmental feature, or a voxel engine with destructible terrain, or working with youth during development.

Keep watching this space and sign up for our mailing list on the homepage for updates on our progress!