Debris Fundraiser for Good Shepherd at Art Crawl

Debris gaming booth

Debris Fundraiser at Art Crawl

Our recent fundraiser at Hamilton at Art Crawl was a great success! We raised a few dinero’s for Good Shepherd Youth Services Hamilton. Our sincere thanks to everyone that participated!

It was a packed night and Debris’ pre-launch debut was well received. The stations were packed all night and we met with great people gave tremendous feedback. It’s back to the grind to get Debris ready for release.

Here are some snapshots from the event:

  • Getting ready for the big night.
  • Ready to rock and roll.
  • Founder Dan poses at the booth.
  • Fans lined up to play Debris.
  • The voice talent director sitting down to play the game for the first time.
  • Non-novelty-sized cheque for Good Shepherd.

Come play Debris at ConBravo!

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