Female lead character to be played by Claudia Spadafora

Claudia Spadafora plays the female lead character in upcoming video game Debris

Claudia Spadafora

  • Claudia Spadafora is a theatre-maker and multimedia artist rooted in the Hamilton area and currently earning her Bachelor of Arts at McMaster University. Claudia has participated in over 20 shows in the area, as a performer, writer/director, sound designer and assistant stage manager.

  • Recent credits include Silent Treatment (writer/director, Honours Performance Series), Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena, Tottering Biped Theatre), and #dirtygirl (Kiera, Fringe Festival Audience Choice). When out of the theatre, Claudia creates film and multimedia art pieces, with a focus in feminist work and mental illness advocacy. She has showcased her work at Hamilton Community Foundation’s Women For Change conference and been nominated for a 2017 Emerge Media Award. Claudia has also tried her hand in producing, as co-producer for McMaster Musical Theatre for the past 3 seasons and a member of the 2016 ALERT program through Hamilton Fringe. Playing the female lead character role in Debris is a big step in her future, she is extremely excited to be apart in the growing Hamilton indie game scene.

Female lead character: Sonya

  • Sonya’s a quick, super-competent engineer who in a very short time established herself as a prominent figure in mechatronics. Always working for large corporations, Sonya’s name has been on numerous patents and her face is regularly attached to major product launches.

  • When the news of the Debris project and its promotional video came around, Sonya knew immediately she would be asked to represent her division. After briefly considering declining, she accepts knowing that it’s the best thing she can do for her career. More than that, she’s proud of what her team has done and knows she can show it off properly. Plus, where better to properly test her work than in the field in controlled, steady conditions? What could go wrong?
  • Sonya finds debris, the only source of energy found in the deep.

  • Ryan and Sonya navigating the underwater labyrinth.

  • Sonya explores the dark water alone.

Claudia Spadafora

Debris' Lead Female Character Sonya

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