Debris’ main character to be played by Matt Bradford

Matt Bradford plays main character Ryan in upcoming video game Debris

Matt Bradford

  • Matt is a voice actor and writer based out of Barrie, Ontario, who’s had the fortune of lending his voice to big names such as Xbox Canada, Fido, Chrysler, Ecobee, Ragtag Studio, Sloan Motion Pictures – and now – Moonray Studios.

    A life-long gamer, Matt has penned hundreds of articles for gaming websites and is a feature writer and researcher with the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition series of books. When he’s not sacrificing sleep for the latest game, or training his kids on the finer points of Mario 64, he’s voicing ads and videos for clients across North America and talking horror and pop culture on the weekly ZombieCast and No Sleep Podcast.

Main character: Ryan

  • Main Character Ryan
  • Ryan’s a leery but confident second-generation diver with a unique talent for cinematography who’s contracted by ALTA to film a promotional video in a very unique location.

Finding a commercial offshore diver that’s willing to brave frozen oceans is one thing, but finding one who can handle a camera is another. You need Ryan. His father, a legend in the oil & gas community for his work ethic and longevity, taught him everything you need to know about surviving in places where you’re not supposed to. No one really knows where Ryan learned to frame a shot, but it might have been the hundreds of hours positioning waterproof halogen lights on dive sites so that his coworkers wouldn’t die. His eye, adaptability and fearlessness keeps him busy in an extremely niche marketplace.

  • Ryan is low on power and must get energy soon…
  • Ryan and Sonya enter a massive underwater cave.

Matt Bradford

Debris' main Character Ryan

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