Emissive Bioluminescence: Making a glow in the dark game

Unity render of the flare fish

The world of bioluminescence is an odd and strange place, and we like strange things. In developing the game Debris, we’ve designed creatures to react to the player’s actions with bioluminescence. So if you see something glowing, you may be in terrible danger. Using Unity, we can build emissive bioluminescence similar to the amazing effects found in the real world. … Read More

Animation Development: Moving Creatures and Reticulating Splines

Debris the game fish swim

Good morning! This week we’d like to show some new work on the animation side. Ariane has been cranking out wonderful animations for multiple creatures. Also, a massive amount of progress has been made on the creature behaviour and spline animation systems. This is what happens when you mess with the shark. Your skeleton rig becomes the “Head Out of Ass … Read More

Adding Particle Razzmatazz in Debris using Unity 5.4

Debris game particle feature image

Hey everyone, Steve here. We have particle VFX working in the game, sweet! Right now we’re using Unity 5.4.2 and are planning to update to Unity 5.5 soon. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what we’ve done. For me, it’s important to have unique, interesting-looking FX that supports the visual style of our world. To do this, I … Read More

Take a Look – Debris’ Underwater Swiss Army Knife Weapon

Debris weapon

Debris’ weapon-shaped frozen payload recovery tool is coming along! Scott and Ariane have been working in the machine shop creating this beauty. With multiple melt modes and plasmic flares, this little number is essential if you plan to survive in the deep dark unknown. Who knows, maybe its mining mechanisms can be re-purposed for more nefarious uses… Graham is implementing … Read More

Opportunity Knocks – Funding Your Game the Canadian Way

Funding your game

Jason Della Rocca of Execution Labs wrote a great article that shows how talented and passionate developers have helped create an amazingly influential and diverse games industry in Canada. He also touches upon how it’s possible to “be an entrepreneur with commercial intent, and do meaningful and innovative work.” We wholeheartedly agree and would like to take this further and show … Read More

ZBrush chum bucket: some new fish images

ZBrush Small Fish

Hello everyone! Quick update to show a cool ZBrush model by Scott! It is the extremely rare Salvelinus untexturedicus, found only in the coldest, caviest waters of the Arctic. This little guy is based the real-life Arctic char, a neat fish that walks the line between a salmon and a trout. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry! … Read More

About debris

Debris poster thumbnail

We’re right in the middle of production and have lots of things to show off in the coming months (including more concept art like the one above!). We’re targeting late 2017 for release, so expect some more communication in the near future. As for a quick background of the game, back in 2015 we had an opportunity that would dramatically … Read More