Ubisoft Toronto’s Indie Series winners

Ubisoft Toronto Indie Series

Ubisoft Toronto Indie Series

We had a great time at Ubisoft Toronto last night. Their first Indie Series event presented by the National Bank was a smashing success. We didn’t win this year, but we’ll tighten our belts and try again. It was great to be around such talented indie game developers and see their upcoming projects. One game in particular struck a chord with us. A Fold Apart by Lightning Rod Games was very touching; you need to solve paper folding puzzles to reach your partner that has been separated from you. With a great backstory, this game is on its way to melting hearts everywhere.

Indie Series Winners

Grand Prize Award

Reptoid Games for Fossil Hunters


Lightning Rod Games for A Fold Apart

Tendril for Air Goblins

Rocket 5 Studios for Kitty Disastrous

Caged Element for Grip

Little Guy Games for The Last Sky

Thank you Ubisoft for hosting such an amazing event. Congratulations to all the winners and good luck shipping your awesome games!

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