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Video Game Voice Talent Vital

Video game and interactive digital media developer Moonray Studios, based in Hamilton, is producing a new PC/Mac game release entitled Debris. Funded through the Canadian Media Fund – Experimental Stream, Debris is incorporating innovative approaches in the game development, narrative and voice-over process. Voice talent in Debris is critical to the player and atmosphereic experience.

The voice-over process will be directed by Jeremy Freiburger, with engineering by Aaron Hutchinson of Cobalt Connects.

Auditions, rehearsals and recording will all take place in Hamilton, ON.

All positions are paid, non-union contracts

Artist Requirements

Ethnicity, physical appearance or abilities are of no consequence for this process so all interested talent are encouraged to apply. The project is also not bound to working with “actors” so if you’re an expressive singer, great public speaker/lecturer, or just naturally gifted in character portrayal feel free to audition.

Please note, this production will require the actors to explore complex emotional states, and to engage in an experimental rehearsal and recording processes. Professionalism and commitment to the project are essential.

  •  Rehearsal
  • 3-8 days (depending on the character)
    2-5 days (depending on the character)
    Ongoing pick-up and enhanced recording over time

Character Profiles

Principle Characters

Female age 30-40

Quick, super confident, engineer leading significant research team
Only child of a single mother who struggled with dementia
Highly motivated, compassionate and conflicted
Speaking is precise, technical and clear

Male 20-25
Leery but confident second generation diver, and filmmaker
Highly skeptical of corporations, lives by a “moral code”
Fearless, driven by instincts and past experience
Speaking is more vernacular, stylized and free

Secondary Character
Male 45-55
Down-to-earth theoretical physicist.
Physically fit, clear professional voice.
Caring father, husband.
Speaking is a combination of technical, warm and educational

Audition Process

Interested participants are asked to send their CV to

Selected participants will be invited to an audition where they will record a standardized short piece which will be reviewed by the core team. From there individuals will be invited back for longer format audition and paired readings with other participants.

All elements of the audition process will be document and in some cases shared via the Moonray and Cobalt Connects websites and social media networks.

** Do not send audio or video files, or photos.** Just a written CV that includes: name, contact information, age, professional or community theatre, music, tv, film or video game experience, and education.

About Moonray Studios
Moonray Studios has been producing innovative interactive projects for over ten years. We’ve been lucky to work with CBC, Teletoon, YTV, Global Television, the History Channel and other great Canadian production companies. We’ve delivered 17 projects, each of them wholly unique, and have recently turned our focus to games.

About Debris
Debris is a first-person adventure horror game about three people struggling to survive an inhospitable underwater environment after an accident during a promotional video shoot. Survival in Debris depends on players negotiating the realistic effects of psychosis, which have been woven into the game narrative and mechanics with the help of medical experts.

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